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Installation Connecting Reading Stats Types

Android SDK

Installation Connecting Reading Stats Types

React Native

Demo App



iOS SDK Installation

Breathalyzer SDK Pod Breathalyzer SDK License Breathalyzer SDK License

In order to start the use of the SDK, ensure that the latest version of CocoaPods is installed.
If a Podfile has not yet been created, initiate the process by running the command pod init.
Proceed by appending the following line to the Podfile: pod 'BreathalyzerSDK'.
Subsequently, execute the command pod install.
Going forward, utilize the ".xcworkspace" file to initiate the project in Xcode instead of the ".xcodeproj" file. To keep up to date with the latest version of the SDK in the future, simply execute the command pod update.

Migration guide

If you previously downloaded the BACtrack SDK as a zip file, please note that this distribution method has been deprecated and will no longer receive updates. To remove this implementation, follow the steps below.

Remove the following files from your project:

  • BACtrack.h
  • libBACtrackSDK.a

Lastly, in Build Settings > Linking > Other Linker Flags, delete the following flag:

  • -all_load

Moving forward, to receive updates on the SDK, migrate iOS pods as described in the section: SDK installation

Demo App

A demo application for the SDK can be accessed on the Breathalyzer SDK Demo Github repository.
This project serves as a valuable resource for reference purposes when implementing the SDK in your own project.
It's highly recommend utilizing this demo as a reference to ensure a seamless integration into your application.