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The Xtend® fuel cell found in BACtrack’s police-grade sensor is the same technology trusted by hospitals, clinics, and law enforcement. It offers the highest level of accuracy and consistency.


Skip the adapters, connectors and cables. There’s nothing to attach! Bluetooth Smart allows a quick, no-hassle connection.

Active Userbase

BACtrack smartphone customers create more than 50,000 readings every month. Users include healthcare professionals, law enforcement agencies, and anyone who simply wants to know.

Cross Platform

Build and deploy apps for iOS and Android devices that support Bluetooth Smart (LE).

Heath Kit Ready. BAC is a built in datatype in AppleHealth, so your app is ready to integrate.
Compatible with Google Fit. Save BAC data to Google Fit as a custom datatype.


Trusted by millions.
Loved by the media.
Available everywhere.

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