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Installation Connecting Reading Stats Types

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Types and Constants Reference

BACtrackDeviceType (enum)

BACtrackDeviceType is an enum which can be the following values:

	BACtrackDeviceType_Mobile = 0  // First edition BACtrack Mobile
	BACtrackDeviceType_C6 = 2 // BACtrack C6
	BACtrackDeviceType_C8 = 3 // BACtrack C8
	BACtrackDeviceType_MobileV2 = 6  // Second edition BACtrack Mobile (Refresh)

BACTrackError codes (int)

The following are the error codes reported by the BACTrackError() callback:

MOBILE__ERROR_TIME_OUT The BACtrack device timed out during a blow test

MOBILE__ERROR_BLOW_ERROR There was an error during a blow test

MOBILE__ERROR_OUT_OF_TEMPERATURE The breathalyzer is outside of a reliable operating temperature

MOBILE__ERROR_LOW_BATTERY The breathalyzer's battery is critically low

MOBILE__ERROR_NOT_CALIBRATED The breathalyzer needs to be calibrated

MOBILE__ERROR_COM_ERROR Communications error

MOBILE__ERROR_INFLOW_ERROR There is a problem with the breath test's intake

MOBILE__ERROR_SOLENOID_ERROR There is a problem with the breathalyzer's solenoid hardware

ERROR_BAC_UPPER_LIMIT The BAC recorded has exceeded the maximum possible value

Breathalyzer (class)

A Breathalyzer instance represents one of the BACtrack devices found during a scan (see “Initialization and Connection” for scan and connection details).


BACtrackDeviceType type The type of BACtrack device discovered in a scan. See BACTrackDeviceType above for details.

NSNumber *rssi The integer RSSI of the detected device at scan time in dBm.

CBPeripheral *peripheral The CoreBluetooth device handle of the discovered device. See Apple's CBPeripheral documentation for details.

NSString *uuid The UUID of the detected BACtrack device. See Apple's CBPeer documentation for details.