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Installation Connecting Reading Stats Types

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Initialization and Connection

Before the BACtrack API can be used to communicate with a BACtrack device, it must first be initialized, like so:

BACTrackAPI bacTrack = [[BacTrackAPI alloc] initWithDelegate:delegate AndAPIKey:@""];

The returned BACTrackAPI instance features all the methods and callbacks you need in order to communicate with BACtrack devices.

A valid API key must be provided to the init method. The API Key can be obtained by signing in to this page with a valid BACtrack subscription. In the case that your app has not been approved to use our SDK, the callback (void)[BacTrackAPIKeyDeclined]:(NSString *)errorMessage will be called. This callback is not optional.

Connecting to the Nearest Device

Once you’ve initialized your BacTrackAPI object, you can establish a BTLE connection between iOS and BACtrack devices calling connectToNearestBreathalyzer on your BacTrackAPI object.

Initialize Class

-(id)initWithDelegate:(id<BacTrackAPIDelegate> )delegate AndAPIKey:(NSString*)api_key;

You must initialize the BACtrackAPI delegate before calling any other commands. A valid API key is required, and can be obtained by signing on this page with a valid subscription.

Connect to Nearest Breathalyzer


Connect to the nearest breathalyzer device.

Scan for Breathalyzers

-(void)startScan Scan for BACtracks within range. When breathalyzers are discovered, your BacTrackFoundBreathalyzer callback will be called. Also see: connectBreathalyzer:withTimeout:

Stop Scanning for Breathalyzers

-(void)stopScan stopScan cancels any current breathalyzer scan.

Connect to Specific Breathalyzer

-(void)connectBreathalyzer:(Breathalyzer*)breathalyzer withTimeout:(NSTimeInterval)timeout Connect to a specific breathalyzer. The breathalyzer object is retrieved from your BacTrackFoundBreathalyzer callback (see: startScan).

Disconnect from the Breathalyzer

-(void)disconnect Disconnects from the connected BACtrack.

Delegate Reference

API Key Authorized

-(void)BacTrackAPIKeyAuthorized This is called when the API key passed into initWithDelegate:withAPIKey is valid.

API Key Declined (Required)

-(void)BacTrackAPIKeyDeclined:(NSString *)errorMessage This is called when the API key passed into initWithDelegate:withAPIKey is not valid or has been otherwise declined.

BACtrack Connected

-(void)[BacTrackConnected]:(BACtrackDeviceType)device This is called when the API has successfully connected to BACtrack and found its services and characteristics.

BACtrack Disconnected

-(void) BacTrackDisconnected Called when the API has disconnected from the BACtrack device.

BACtrack Connection Timed Out

-(void)BacTrackConnectTimeout This is called when the BACtrack connection was unsuccessful because it timed out

BACtrack Request Timeout Duration

-(NSTimeInterval)BacTrackGetTimeout Return the desired timeout, in seconds, when attempting to connect to a breathalyzer.

BACtrack Device Discovered

-(void)BacTrackFoundBreathalyzer:(Breathalyzer*)breathalyzer This is called when startScan discovers a breathalyzer. It will be called for each breathalyzer device discovered.