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Installation Connecting Reading Stats Types

Android SDK

Installation Connecting Reading Stats Types

React Native

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The BACtrack SDK can be used to interface with the BACtrack line of breathalyzers. There are a number of breathalyzers supported, and there is an SDK for both Android and iOS. Each platform has similar capabilities. You can connect to BACtrack breathalyzers and manage connections, you can issue a breathalyzer test with your connected device, and you may query your connected device for various usage statistics and parameters.

The typical connection strategy is to simply connect to the nearest breathalyzer. In practice, it is rare for one end-user to own more than a single BACtrack breathalyzer, so this is a sufficient solution. More rarely, you’ll need to be able to manage connections between multple BACtrack devices. In that case, the SDKs have support for scanning for multiple devices.

The testing workflow is a five step process involving warming up the breathalyzer, starting the blow countdown, continuing to blow until the test is complete, analyzing the results, and presenting the results. This workflow is common to both Android and iOS, and is the recommended workflow for any application you develop with the BACtrack SDKs. Further details on the specifics are given in each platform’s documentation.

Additionally, you may query for a device’s current statistics. You may request the current battery level, as well as the current use-count on the device. The device’s serial number is also available, in the case that you need a way to differentiate between multple devices, or catalogue devices.

KHN Solutions also offers a service for storing readings. You may create, query and manipulate your readings on our Mobile server with our REST API. We use a standard OAuth 1.0 schema for authentication.

Supported Devices

The following BACtrack devices are supported by our SDK: